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Fluorescent vs. Incandescent

Deansliger wrote:

>Karen Randall --
>I realize that my meager twenty years of experience growing and inducing to
>bloom hundreds of tropical plants in no way compares to your vast knowledge,
>which is why I frequently use phrases like "in my experience."  

I'm glad to hear that when I reach the 20 year mark, I will never make any
mistakes ;-)

You said in your original post:

"Incandescent bulbs have a higher lumen output (watt per watt) and are
higher in the red range of the spectrum compared to cool whites."  

I see no qualifying phrase in that statement.  I only pointed out that the
first part of the statement was incorrect.  If you want mis-information to
go uncorrected, you've come to the wrong list.  We all try to catch
mistakes made by each other, no matter what our level of experience.
That's how we all learn.

If you're talking about your experiences with blooming various plants under
incandescent lighting, I _thought_ that the purpose of this list was to
share (and learn from) other people's experiences.  I guess I made the
incorrect assumption that you (and others) might be interested in the fact
that I _had_ been able to bloom some of the plants you mentioned under
fluorescent lights.  

Pardon me :-)

>Maybe, from now on, you should answer -- promptly, of course -- all the
questions posted
>to the APD.

Why?  Have we changed the rules around here?  I'm sorry that the recent
death in my family has prevented me from responding to posts in less than
48 hours. (that's a joke, as none of us ever tries to answer every post
here... we try to do water changes every once in a while ;-)

>Speaking of which, you never did answer my question about who, out of 100+
>species in the genus, definitively identified "Java Moss" as Vesicularia

Was this directed specifically to me?  If so, I missed it.  Since I _have_
been dealing with a family crisis, if you want to discuss something with me
specifically, as opposed to the List in general, please E-mail me directly.
 At present, I can't guarantee that I'll be able to answer it within a
specific time period, but it _does_ up the odds that I'll at least see it.

But as to your specific question, even if there are 100 species in the
genus, if the plant _is_ in that genus, it _is_ Vesicularia (sp.)  Whether
or not it's V. dubyana or not... I can't tell you.  If you get an answer
from someone who _does_ know, I'd love it if you'd share it with us.

My PERSONAL opinion is that it's often treading on thin ice to try to
identify an unknown plant beyond the genus level.  One of the great things
about this part of the hobby is that there are still so many plants to be
discovered, and so much still to learn for all of us.  Let's try to do it
Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association