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1 Lightng Question, and one of my own.

Roger Miller mentioned, "You can't replace the T12s
with 34 watt high-efficiency T8s unless the fixture has a hybrid ballast
(unlikely) ..."

I think he was actually referring to the 4' 32 watt T8s (1" dia.) that
are common in newer commercial buildings.  It _is_ true that you can't
simply replace 40 watt T12s with 32 watt T8s without also changing the

I don't mean to be picky, but I think some people may get confused
between these and the 34 watt T12 (1 1/2" dia.) 'energy savers' which
_do_ work on "normal" ballasts for 40 watt lamps.  (I said "normal"
because I've heard of problems with the ballasts that come with _very_
cheap fixtures when people try to switch to lamps with different wattage

I guess these are issues that people need to start thinking about if
they are using standard 40 watt cool white lamps since they are no
longer being manufactured.  I guess the other options are 1) you could
stock up on cool whites while they're still on sale for 99 cents, or 2)
start using more expensive 40 watt lamps like the GE Chroma 50s, which
still can be manufactured.

Wade Shimoda