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Re: Matt's Algae question

Matt wrote:
I'm trying to keep my new 55 gallon tank setup free of thread algae.
Everything I have put in it up to this point is either new or has gotten
bleach treatment. However, the fish I'm going to put in it came from a tank
that did contain thread algae and several other types. About a week ago, I
the fish in a 5 gallon holding tank using water from that algae containing
tank. It is dimly lit by a 15 watt incandescent and contains two bunches of
anachris and a large rock to provide cover, and is aerated by an airpump,
there have been no water changes up to now. If there is no visible evidence
thread algae growing in the tank, is it safe to put the fish in the 55
tank? Or since the tank has water from a "contaminated" tank in it, do I
to bleach everything, put in uncontaminated water, put the fish back in and
wait another week or so to make sure no thread algae grows?
A related question ,I guess, is how exactly does thread algae spread
Is it by spores, free swimming microbes, or what?

No matter what you would do, unless you go easy on fertilization; have
correct lighting and fish to take care of the problem algaes that come
along -- you will experience different changes at various periods.  Thread
algae is easily taken care of by fish like the Florida Flag Fish, but over
fertilization or not enough plants may possibly be your answer.  Most
people overfertilize and think that the plants should show signs of
improvement the very next day.  It takes three weeks to see results; and,
by then, many people have fertilized three times.  In most cases, this is
the biggest problem.  Don't forget, your fish are also fertilizing the
plants.  Be patient; and like Karen has said over and over -- "the plants
will tell you".