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trimming plants

My name is Hans and I am new to the list and now I have some questions. I
have looked at Tropica site in Denmark and saw the picture of the Java Moss.
How do i trim the Java Moss on my stone so it will look something like that.
I also have a plant callled Mayaca sellowiana but this plant will not grow
in my tank, I have had this plant for 7 weeks now. How can i get it to grow
The other plant is Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea' How do I trim this plant.

Tank info :
All mesurement was made with aqua vital multistick.

No Nitrite,Nitrate or ammonia.
dGH < 6 deg
dKH 0 - 3 deg
pH 6.3 (digital pH meter)

 I use Aqua flora marbles fertilizer in the gravel, I have yeast reactor 2l
bottle DIY attached to the tank of 250 litres but with 50 Kg of gravel the
water volume is only 200 litres. The light is 90W florucent.