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Ramshorn snails

>From: IDMiamiBob <IDMiamiBob at aol_com>
>Subject: Re: Ramshorn Question
>Jeff writes:
><< Does anyone on this list have Ramshorns snails and if so do they eat algea
>> off the glass and or plants? If so are they effective at all? Do they
make a
>> dent in the algea? >>
>I have somewhere around ten in my 30 gallon.  They eat algae, but not fast
>enough to be significant.  I would say that it would take a lot of them to
>make any significant difference in your algae levels.

Bob and Jeff,

I had a goldfish tank that always had an algae problem mainly on the glass
but some on the plants. I couldn't put algae eaters in there so a friend
gave me some red ramshorn snails. In just a few days the glass was clean
and the tank has never had an alage problem since. It's a 30 gallon tall
tank and he probably gave me 15 snails of all different sizes so......  I'd
recommend them as algae eaters. Unfortunately I can't put them in my main
plant tank due to a couple of Clown Loaches who would eat them with delight.

in Vancouver were it's being rainy.