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Re: Water Sprite questions

I wrote:

<< > Also, I got some of the former "Water Sprite" from my favorite LFS on
 > Thursday.  This is the first time I have seen it in years.  Since then, I
 > seen the planted ones develop holes in the leaves.  I suspect they are on
 > diest of one of the tank's inhabitants.  The suspects include Ottos, a
 > and Venezuelan Ramshorns.

Karl answered:
> The pleco and the ramshorn snails gets it to 50/50 and I'd bet on the pleco,
> unless the snails have been starved of algae. 8-)
Would some spirolina flakes after the lights go out, or some lettuce help
reduce this problem?

As for the ID, I'm betting the ones I like are one or more of the
Ceratopteris species.  The stuff I used to have, and am hoping this recent
find is, was probably C. thalictroides, as I used to plant it and get very
bushy plants as big around as my various tanks were wide, and up to 20" tall.
Thanks a bunch.
Bob Dixon