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Re: java moss

Java moss grows fine here in Vancouver, where the water is very soft. 
I don't think that lack of salt in your tanks is the problem.  I 
definitely don't add salt to my tanks and, while I am not taking 
buckets of java moss out of the one small tank I have it growing in, 
it is growing fine.

> Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 13:31:31 -0600
> From: kmgilpin at juno_com (Kevin M Gilpin)
> Subject: java moss
> Hello,
>      My java moss is turning brown and dying back.  I read somewhere that
> java moss needs some salt in the water to flourish.  Other plants in the
> tank  are doing fine so i'm wondering if lack of salt is the problem. 
> How much salt per 10 gallons should be added and in what form?  I have a
> whole bag of Instant Ocean salt that I used on a reef tank.  Would that
> be fine?   What are the sensitivities of other plants to the salt (ie.
> echinodorus, hygrophilia, java fern, etc.). 
>      Tank is a 20 gallon high.  pH=@7.0. DIYC02. Hardness of tapwater
> (GH=9).
> Thanks,
> Kevin