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Re: Dupla Delta CO2 system query

On 23/3/98, "icom" <icom at dynamo_com.ar> wrote:

>	That's because I just bought a used german
>Dupla CO2 system, (I think the model is Delta)

The Delta is the cheapest Dupla system with a little ceramic diffuser 
outlet for the CO2 rather than a reactor.

>I have two questions: in the box, there is a label with the 
>following words:"Do not operate or store in sleeping rooms"
>Anything to say? I don't have other rooms!

No comments apart from the obvious that they are concerned about 
asphyxiation whilst people sleep. 

>Second question: I don't have the instruction manuals.. do you
>know how the bubbles/minute/galon relation is?

The directions are pretty scanty in the manual anyway. Basically they say 
the following (modified to accommodate the lack of diagrams here):

- close both valves - the big one on the top of the CO2 bottle and the 
small one on the brass fitting;

- open the big one on the bottle by a half turn;

- open the valve of the fitting. Watch the bubbles in the bottom of the 
diffuser and adjsut to approx 20 bubbles a minute. Note that the number 
of bubbles takes some time to change so allow a few minutes between 
adjustments to wait and see what happens when you're setting the rate.

What they don't say is that you will need to play around with the flow 
rate to suit your needs - the 20 bubbles a minute is a starting figure. 
Use the CO2 indicator that comes with the set to get the flow rate right.

David Aiken