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Water Sprite Questions

I seem to find two different plants being refered to as Water Sprite.  Can
someone help me out?
The one I am most familiar with is a floating plant which can also be planted
by the roots.  Its leaves start out small and grow larger as they mature.  It
forms a wide, lush bush when planted.  It propagates at the nodes in its
leaves.  It has very flimsy leaves which collapse when lifted from the tank.
The one I got from AAG in January is similar in the shape of its leaves, only
they are narrower.  New growth curls up from the middle in a fashion which
clearly marks it as a fern.  Its leaves are stiffer and hold their shape when
removed from the tank.  When floating, it lays sideways instead of spreading
out like the first plant.  It also propagates from the nodes.
Can anyone tell me which is what?

Also, I got some of the former "Water Sprite" from my favorite LFS on
Thursday.  This is the first time I have seen it in years.  Since then, I have
seen the planted ones develop holes in the leaves.  I suspect they are on the
diest of one of the tank's inhabitants.  The suspects include Ottos, a pleco,
and Venezuelan Ramshorns.  Any opinions?

Bob Dixon