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Tampa Florida Aquatic Plant Enthusiasts

I've been keeping a 120 gal. heavily planted tank since June of last year.
I've gone through bouts with blue/green and hair algea, but for the past six
months my tank has been great. My delemma: every couple of weeks I pull at
least a gallon bucket full of Vallisneria gigantea, americana and spiralis
and throw it away. These are beautiful plants that simply spread and choke
out my swords and crypts. I hate throwing these plants away, they really are
nice, usually bunches of a couple of plants at least 12 inches tall and very
hearty (thick, stout leaves). Is anyone on this list in the Tampa Bay
Florida area and would like some free plants? I'll have another gallon in a
couple of weeks and would be glad to figure out a way to get these to you.
My local pet shops are not interested (mostly a salt water shop).

Best Regards,
John Hawkins
jhawkins at ix_netcom.com
Tampa Florida