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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3

        Reply to:   RE>Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #154

>Anyway, I have decided to try and learn about plants and do
>that along w/the fish(althou the plastic variety sure seems simplier!). 

Plastic fish would be easier. <g>

>I was reading an article on Laterite from the Thiel site and was
>wondering if this is what most folks use?  Is there a place to get it
>mail order?  How much will I need for my size tank?  Can I just spread a
>layer of it under my gravel or do you just put it wherever you plant a

 I've used Thiel laterite for over a year now with excellent results. It can be ordered directly from the Thiel site via the TAD link.  It is mixed uniformly with the lower third of the gravel at setup at a rate of 1 pound laterite per 50 gallons of water, so 2 pounds would be correct for your tank. 1mm to 3mm gravel is best at 3 to 4 inches total. BTW: use a latex glove to mix in the laterite or you'll be wearing a red hand for a few days.

>Thanks for any pointers.  BTW, can I get this list in single messages or
>just the digest?

Only digest is available last time I checked.