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Algae eating gold fish?

I recently converted a 20H planted Angelfish tank to a Goldfish tank for my
daughter.  I moved the Angles to another tank and kept the plants.  This
tank was never very successful from a plant perspective because of poor
lighting, lack of CO2, substrate, etc.  I was able to grow several plants
including H. Poly and Cabomba, but not without the ever-present algae. 
Anyway, after I put in several Goldfish (I'm not sure which type but they
have twin tails and bubbles on their head) they quickly began cleaning up
every speck of algae and other gunk in the tank.  They go from plant to
plant sucking at the leaves and stems, but not eating the plants.  

I am starting a new 75 gal high-tech heavily planted Discus tank and was
wondering if these fish might be useful for the initial three-week break in
period instead of (or in addition to) the recommended  Black Sailfin
Mollies and SAE's.  The  Black Sailfin Mollies are fairly hard to come by
here and SAE's are unheard of.  If not the Goldfish, what other fish would
be good for breaking in the tank.