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Hi all,

I'm new here and new to fish/plants as well.  I have a 120g, 48"x24x24
glass tank/lid...and that's it for now!  Oh no, I did just get my light
in--a 400W metal halide in a squarish box. I will be hanging it above
the tank.  Anyway, I have decided to try and learn about plants and do
that along w/the fish(althou the plastic variety sure seems simplier!). 
I was reading an article on Laterite from the Thiel site and was
wondering if this is what most folks use?  Is there a place to get it
mail order?  How much will I need for my size tank?  Can I just spread a
layer of it under my gravel or do you just put it wherever you plant a

Thanks for any pointers.  BTW, can I get this list in single messages or
just the digest?
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