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For the better part of a year I had an Aponogeton sp. hybrid (looks like
ulvaceus but the inflorescence is a single emergent spike with white
colored flowers ) in a 33 gal tank with a gravel substrate, soft,
acidic, 85 deg. reconstituted R.O. water, that was doing great.  So
great that I had to move it to a larger 55 gal. tank, at first in a
corner behind some drift wood with poor circulation around the
tuber/rhizome laying on top of the gravel. The tank has a
laterite/gravel substrate, slightly harder, 85 deg. tap water; the plant
continued to put up leaves and flower stalks for a few months but now
only puts up floaters and no longer has any submerged growth.  I moved
it out from behind the drift wood but it is still puting up nothing but
So what do you think?  Is it the substrate, the water, it's time in the
stagnant corner, or is it just now dormant?  If it is dormancy, should
it be stored in unwashed sand in flowerpots in cold water for two months
in a dark place? Or will it come back to life in the tank?  As a side
note there were a bunch of other A. spc. hybrids (looking allot like A.
crispus)  growing from seed, grouped together in the tank, that weren't
doing too well. When they were recently moved to the 33 gal. tank they
took off.  Other than the general parameters mentioned above the main
difference is that these plants are a little more spaced out and right
next to the CO2 diffuser outflow,  so there is more circulation and CO2
around their bases, (the tuber/ rhizomes  are under the gravel).

Ed Hengel