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Coralife Freshwater Tank Clarifier


     Eight days ago I started adding Coralife's Freshwater Tank Clarifier
to my aquarium.  For those of you unfamiliar with the product, it states
that it is specially formulated to keep undesirable species of micro
algae from adhering to aquatic plants, gravel, glass and acrylics.   I
didn't expect much from the product and  was surprised  that with each
passing day  the attached algae on my Echinodorus bleheri and sagittaria
subulata plants seemed to be  fading away.  I had to look hard  to find
algae in the tank, and it was present only on the tips of my lilaeopsis
novea-zelandiae. However that algae also seemed to be fading away.  What
I mean is that it lost its green, then turned brown and then disappeared.
 This occurred with two types of algae both green spot and a short
filamentous type.
      The scientist in me believes the observations are coincidence, but
I haven't changed the water or done anything different lately.  I
squeezed my filter of some debris before using the product  like the
bottle recommends, but I do that every couple of weeks anyway and that
never prevented algae from growing  before.  Does anyone have any similar
experiences with this product or know how it works. The bottle says only
that  it doesn't contain copper, zinc, simazine or other ingredients
harmful to plants, and that carbon filters can reduce the effectiveness
of the product.  The algae has disappeared so fast I'm worried that
important nutrients might be removed that will affect the plants later
on.  Any ideas as to what is going on?
     My tank is a 20  gallon aquarium with a soil/vermiculite layer under
1 or so inches of sand.  The tank has been running for six months with a
minimal fish load.  pH=@7.0, nitrate hardly measurable on my Tetra test,
lighting is 40 watts with 1 vitalight and 1 Triton on for 11 hours per
day with a timer.  DIY CO2.  Local tap water is of  medium
hardness(GH=9).  I'm probably forgetting something here.


at home in Kansas

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