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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #146

Kevin Reavis writes:

<< could someone please recommend what you think is the best commercial
>product to de-chlorinate tap water without also binding up any of the other
> or trace elements.  i was using Sera Aqutan until recently discovering that
> it was binding almost everything in the water - including the expensive
> daily fertilizer i've been using for almost a year!  our local water does
> not have any chloramine - only chlorine.  thanks! >>
I find the best commercial product is a five gallon bucket, of the type that
donut xhops get their cream in, and bakeries get their shortening in.  The
barrels that meat-packers get their relixh for pickle-loaf in are also good.
The advantages to these products is that they add NOTHING whatsoever to the
water, and replenish themselves as you add the water, thereby becoming a one-
time purchase.  They will not leach any chemicals into the water, as required
by The dept. of Agriculture, and the FDA.
The only draw-back is that they take over-night to work.  On the flip side,
they will also warm frigid tap water to room temperature while treating the
chlorine.  This is very useful in the winter time.
IF you change 20% or less, you really don't need to de-chlorinate, even fresh
out of the tap.  This saves the cost of de-chlor also.

Bob Dixon