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Problems with my tank fish dieing

You gave me some advice about seachem Flourish and I am in desperate
need of immediate help.  I am using clay and sand as a substrate.  My
plants are doing very well.  So well I have to remove one because it was
growing out of my tank.  I removed it my water became cloudy and the
next day half of my fish were died - including a recently hatch group of
Apistogramma cacatuoides still in a coconut.  I am using a fertilizer
used in a water garden which is safe for fish and is (14-3-3).  Are the
fish dying from hydrogen sulphide because of the substrate?  The roots
of the plant that I removed look healthy and not black or brown like it
say in a book I read.  What should I do I REALLY don't want to lose my
Apistogrammas because it was so hard to get them being in Newfoundland.
I am also sending this message to Erik Olson who has been of great help
in the past and the Aquatic Plants List.  If either of you can help me I
will be alway greatful.

Thanks for any help