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Re: Power Compacts


I have two 96 watt power compacts mounted over my 75 gallon tank. I can 
vouch for these lights being EXTREMELY bright. While I can't compare them 
to VHO, from what I've been told they are significantly more efficient and 
they put out more light. They also don't need to be changed as often.


> From: dozenne at 10fold_com (David Ozenne)
> I just got the new (Spring '98) catalog from Pet Warehouse
> and on the very last page, they list 96 watt compact
> fluorescent bulbs from CustomSeaLife.  They seem to be
> double tubes about 3 feet long.  The ad claims that they
> will produce twice the lux of a 110 watt VHO.  I don't
> believe that for a second, but given the high efficiency
> of CF lighting, these look like an excellent alternative
> to VHO or MH.  Has anyone tried these?  Can I find a
> ballast for them at an ordinary lighting supplier?  How
> about the bulbs?  How hot do these bulbs run?