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Re: Bannana Tank

What are your tank parameters, lighting, etc. ?

My tank is a 29. I have 80 watts of light,(2 trichlormatic-1
vitalite-1triton) DIY yeast reactor, large gravel mixed with flourite,
Biowheel filter.(not ideal) Even before the Co2 reactor and an extra 40
Watts of light the Bannana Plants did reasonably well. My temp is 79-80
and ph fluctuates morning to night 6.4-7.0.(with co2 consumption) Oh
yeah, 30 percent waterchanges weekly. It is unusuall to have very many
of these plants because their leaves cause so much shade I ? guess.?
But  These plants,usually dubbed  as difficult to grow,  have been
thriving and anchoring roots into the gravel. One complex roots have
formed coming out of the bannanas, you can split the bunch in half!
Supposedly the plant can flower at the surface-it is not suprising I
have not seen this yet. But their leaves are beautiful at the surface,
casting a deep red glow on the bottom of the leaf.