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Re: Cheaper Lighting

>Matthew t Mason wrote:
>>be switching to the SPX65's here shortly.  I can get them at Granger's for
>>$2.50 a piece - check their web site  - http://www.grainger.com/
>I>MHO, there is little need for Triton's over fish-only or low plant load
>I checked Graingers and the f40sp65 by GE was $ 4.98 ea in cases of 30.
>where do you get them for $ 2.50 or was that a typo ? TIA.
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Nope - company discount  ;-)  Check to see if your company, or someone
elses company, can get you the discounted price.  You might have to travel
to the store to get the individual bulb - they probably only ship boxes.
Just my hunch.

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