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Sealed ecosystem & borneo sucka


I have a sort of working sealed ecosystem kind of...  I for a long time have been growing marsh
plants in old Silex glass coffeepots.  For those who don't  know the Silex coffeepot was an
invention of dubious benefit whereby a sealed Pyrex lower chamber was filled with water with and
heated.  The pressure forced the water up into the upper Pyrex chamber which continued the

I fill the upper chamber with dirt and put water in till it fills the tube that the hot water
would be force up  The lower chamber is thereby sealed from air.  I have java miss growing in the
lower chamber of these coffee pots which i can only assume is living in symbiosis with whatever
bacteria is in there.  Agreed that it is not nutrient or entirely gas sealed but still...

And!  I got this really cool fish called a Borneo sucker.  It is very flat it has about the same
shape as a small pile of powdered suger.  It's whole lower surface area is a kind of sucker and
it has spots like those spotted plocos.  It swims kind of like a clownfish.  Ant id clues?