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Intro and closed ecosystems...


I am just new to this list, but am not new to aquatic plants :)  I am 18
years old. I live with my family on a small farm in Iowa.  I was born
with a form of MD, so I am in a wheelchair.

My mom and I love to garden.  We have a fairly large water garden with
many plant. This spring, we are starting a small nursery specializing in
hostas and water gardens.

I am thinking about setting up a miniature planted tank.  Probably about
a gallon or so.  I have lots of experience with aquariums, but not
necesarily planted ones. My room is getting crowded with aquariums,
plants (orchids, African violets...), and other "necesities", so a large
tank is definitely not an option.  Once (if?) I get the tank set up, I
would like to add a pair of killifish.

I just recieved my first digest, and found the talk about closed
ecosystems fascinating.  I have seen the large display one in St.
Louis.  Very cool!!  I searched the net, but found none for under
$70...ouch!  Someone (Charley Bay) said they were available for less
than $40...where?  Any other suppliers would be greatly appreciated!

Well, that's enough for my first post...Thanks!


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