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ph TURTLE please read !!!

While perusing the Hanna Instruments home page , I came across a new product
called "pH turtle".  The manufacture describes it as follows:

>>>>The pH Turtle is a pH sensor and amplifier that requires no power supply
and can be directly connected to the serial port of an IBM-compatible
computer. pH Turtle has a resolution of 0.1 pH. The Windows 3.1 and Windows
95 compatible software allows the direct measurement of pH, data logging and
simple real-time graphing. The pH Turtle has no buttons or display. All
interaction is performed through the pH Turtle Software right from your
keyboard. The main window of the software is a MDI (multiple data interface)
window with a "meter", a table of logged data and a graph, which can be
individually resized or minimized. In this way, for example, the user can
make the pH value occupy the entire screen for easy viewing at a distance.
The pH Turtle can be calibrated at 1, 2 or 3 points using Hanna pH
calibration buffers. The user can select alarm settings for High and/or Low
alarms. The alarm can be visually displayed on the meter and/or on the
graph. The software can also provide an audible alarm (Beep). >>>>

The product is very affordable and it seems very practical for an aquarium
application.  Let me know what you think.  Their address is

Danny in L.A.