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Re: SAE's

Augie wrote,


>> SAE'S are desirable because they eat_red algae_, something that
most other "algae eaters" won't touch. If you don't have red algae why
go through the hassle and expense of trying to find SAE'S when there
are easier and cheaper alternatives.

This is an excellent point.  When red algae appeared in my tank about
2 months after setup none of my algae eating fish including some
“False SAE’s” would touch the stuff.  However, once I got my nutrient
situation under control the red algae disappeared and has never
returned.  Now I only have to contend with the so called good algae. 

Recently I added some Flag Fish to my algae eating crew. This was
based on recommendations of APD contributors and the fact that these
fish finally showed up at one of my LPS’s.  These guys are indeed
great algae eating fish. They compliment the other fish because they
eat the thread and other algae that the otto’s and False SAE’s don’t
eat.  They also seem to tolerate my soft water conditions better than
Molys that I have been unsuccessful with.

Jim Spencer
Sayre, PA

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