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Re: Fluorescent lights

>From: "John  Riggs" <riggsj at worldnet_att.net>
>Subject: URI Fluorescent lights
>My local aquarium shop has discontinued stocking Triton bulbs and have
>started carrying bulbs from URI (Ultraviolet Resources International). 
>type they carry is Acintic White and Super Acintic White.  I can't find
>info on these bulbs.  Does anyone on the list recommend/use the Acintic
 Acintic bulbs are designed for SW reef tanks. As far as I know there is no
known benefit from using acintic lighting with plants. 

 Paul K
 P.S. URI does make a bulb called Aquasun that should work real well for
plants you might see if your LFS would be willing to order them for you.

ALL fluorescent tubes will grow plants in various degrees, and IMHO Triton
Fluorescent  tubes (with CO2) will grow ALL plants!  If your are going to
ask your LFS to order something that you are not sure of, why not ask them
to order Triton.  Every mail order house has them and that may be the
reason the LFS doesn't want to carry them.  The Tritons may cost a little
more, but they are efficient until they burn out and shut off.  Other
tubes, particularly those with reflectors within the tube must be changed
every six months.  Most Tritons last one and a half to two years.  The
spectrum of Triton tubes follows the "Chlorophyll curve" and that is why
they are effective in growing aquatic plants as well as corals.

Good luck,