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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #144

Bob Dixon writes:
>>>>  The small red shrimp I have seen in these spheres are just brine shrimp.
will live only a few weeks and lay only a few eggs.  The algae part f the
cycle the lady told you about is correct, and the nutrients in the cycle are
very tightly balanced between the algae consumption/production and the brine
shimp consumptin/production.  If these are the spheres I have seen they are
available for about ten bucks.
With any attempt you make at this, the balance in a sealed container system
will find its own balance between the photosynthetic producer and the animal
living off it.  The trick is to figure out what species to use, and then
introduce only those two species.

Bob Dixon>>>>>>>>

    These shrimps are not brine shrimps, but a much larger specie/genus. They are
about the size of  small ghost shrimps (1/2" max), and are pretty and interesting
to look at. The $40 spheres I talked about is the smallest of the ones they sell,
which are a bit bigger than tennis balls. The part that surprises me most is that
two .5" shrimps could be supported by an environment so small. They also had giant
spheres about the size of small beach balls that supports a population of these
shrimps. I'm guessing that this sphere sells for around $400-800, there was no
price tag and I was afraid to ask. :)
    Going to start on my own soon. Still looking for someone who knows a little
more about plants to take on this challenge with me. Anyone?