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Re: flexible DIY reactors

Thanks for the reply to my post.

>The sides of most clear plastic bottles are flexible but they don't seem to
>be very elastic, and they would have to be stretchy to store up energy
>that way.  The volume of gas in the container is "stretchy" because 
>the gas expands and contracts as the pressure changes - that does store 

I may have to disagree with you a little here; if you blow into a plastic 
pop bottle, it will expand, so I think some energy is stored.

>I use an in-line valve for drip irrigation systems and get a very 
>regular stream of bubbles through a 1/32" outlet.  Of course, the valve 
>does increase the total pressure in the reactor, and if you have any leak 
>you will lose more CO2.  Also you have to be careful not to close the 
>valve completely for very long, or the pressure will build up until 
>something gives.

I guess the pressure can build up quite a bit. I find it amazing that the 
yeast can tolerate it.

-- Stephen

Stephen Boulet
stephenbou at aol_com