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Re: Green Light

Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 19:41:23 -0800
From: Rice <ucmagguy at inetworld_net>
Subject: Re: Green Light

>        Sorry to differ with some of you, but...
> My biology book says different. 

This is a point often missed by many people here.  What type of plants is
your biology book discussing?  The point some people are trying to make
here is that perhaps aquatic plants behave somewhat differently from
terrestrial plants.

>From a logical point, if these accessory pigments do use the
>green spectrum, then it will not be reflected at all, and leaves will not

Not necessessarily.  No one said "all" the green light is absorbed.
Afterall, green light is the most abundant component in sun light, and the
one our eyes are most sensitive to also.

>Someone, possibly the same person, said that some plants that grow in the
>understories where green light is more abundant have adapted to use it.
This is
>reasonable, but aquarium plants are NOT rain forest plants, well, maybe
some are

True, but aquatic plants also exist under a similar special circumstance.
They grow under water!  So instead of the forest canopy leaves filtering
the light, we have water filtering the light.

I'm not arguing that green light is necessary for aquatic plants, but just
trying to bring out some facts that some people might have missed when
discussing this issue.


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