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Re: SAE prices

Ed Hengel commented....

>A couple of weeks ago I came across what I believed to be SAEs in a LFS
>in Mt Kisco, NY.  So to make sure they were what I thought they were, I
>took a long look at the ones in my tank and put a copy of Neil Frank and
>co.'s article in the car.  When I came across them again this time in
>Newburge, NY, labeled as flying foxes,  at a retail/wholesaler at 4 for
>$5 I took out the article, compared them and bought them.  It seems that
>SAEs are no longer as scarce as they once were, at least in the New York
>area.  The same might be true where you are!

They have been selling for about US$2.20 in Ottawa, Ontario for over
a year now. Few people are aware of their value.

I finally did get my SAEs to eat the red brush algae. They will
normally graze only in the open; they shy away from shaded areas
and undergrowth where much of my brush algae had been. I get better
results with specimens which have been well-fed and are then left
briefly unfed, rather than with starving younger fish. It may be
a learned behavior as well.

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca