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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #141

Kevin Newsom wrote:

> They (SAE'S) are the only thing that will eat hair algae. 

Not so, there are lots of things that eat hair algae, American-Flags
(Jordonella Floridae) have eaten every kind of algae I've had, Otto's
eat algae, some other types of catfish eat algae, mollies eat algae,
pond and ramshorn snails eat algae. SAE'S are desirable because they eat
_red algae_, something that most other "algae eaters" won't touch. If
you don't have red algae why go through the hassle and expense of trying
to find SAE'S when there are easier and cheaper alternatives (here in NE
Florida, Flags and Otto's are $1.29 ea.). Sorry to rant, but I see SAE'S
taking on the stuff of legend (the _ONLY_ fish that eats hair algae), as
in everything else, there are usually
alternatives. Severe algae outbreaks usually occur within the first few
months of tank startup, monitor the phosphate and iron levels closely,
use a phosphate remover if necessary, don't add fertilizer
indiscriminately, if at all, for the first few months. This is one case
where, "more is not better". Just remember, at some point the algae is
going to be gone and you'll be faced with feeding your "algae eaters" a
special diet, or heaven forbid, cultivating algae. Don't get me wrong, I
have nothing against SAE'S, but I've been unable to find them locally
and thus had to find alternate means. If the LFS carried them, I'd
probably have a tank full.

> Mine also eat my java moss but don't bother any other plants.
Ditto for Flags. My tanks are algae and java moss free.

Augie Eppler
Green Cove Springs, Fl

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