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Thoughts on rigid vs soft walls for DIY CO2

I was thinking about my DIY CO2 setup, particularly about another post 
about using rigid bottles. I made my container out of a flexible walled 
pop bottle. I don't get a steady bubble flow, but about 7 bubbles or so 
come out rapidly a couple of times a minute. I think this is what's 
happening: after a stream comes out, the flexible bottle is deflated. As 
the pressure builds up again, the bottle starts expanding. Once a certain 
pressure is reached, the energy in the bottle walls is released, and a 
spurt of bubbles comes out.

I would guess that rigid bottles result in a steady pressure.

You can really tell that the rate of CO2 production is dependent on 
temperature. Ambient temp in the house goes from about 68 to 73 or so 
when the sun shines in in the morning; and the CO2 production increases 
quite noticably.

I have a plan to put a small submersible heater in a rigid container, and 
connect it to the timer that controls the lights.

-- Stephen

Stephen Boulet
stephenbou at aol_com