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Sword & SAE

I've got a couple questions...  First, I have an Amazon Sword, and I was
wondering exactly how to get them to flower.  I've had it for about 5
months now, and it has doubled in size! 

The other part has to do with SAE's. I recently found a store that sells
them. I bought one for $6, and the tank was marked "True Siamese Algae
Eater!". I asked the workers there if they were in fact the SAE's, and they
said yes. (I've never seen one before). The one I have is roughly 1.5
inches, and is already eating away at my algae.  How old would this fish
be, and how big do they get?  I have a 20 gallon tall tank, and also in the
tank are 4 Corys, 4 rasboras, and 10 neons. It is a planted tank, and I was
just wondering if I should get any more SAE's, and if so, approx how many
more?  Seeing as these fish are a rare find, I would like to get 2 more,
but am not sure how big they get, or if that would overload my tank.


PS The fish store that I found these at, is in Seattle...
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