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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #137

Anyone know why a pH of 6.0 would be harmful to shrimp?
They are thriving in my Flourite tank with a pH 6.8, but die in a couple 
of days in my Hartz pH 5 tank, water pH of 6.0

Another statistically flawed observation is that the salvinia in the 
Hartz tank is smaller than the Salvinia in the Flourite tank, and the 
water lettuce grows better (leaves last longer, reproduce faster) in the 
Hartz tank vs the Flourite tank.

And to further confuse matters, the Dupla laterite-CO2 injected tank 
grows duckweed much faster than the other two, where the duckweed is 
barely noticable, but the Salvinia and Water lettuce barely grow. (no 
shrimp in the laterite tank)