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Re: plants grown emersed

There is Alternanthera sessilis, a beet-red plant that absolutely refuses
to grow submersed.  There is A. reineckii, which comes in many varieties,
all of which adapt quite well to submersed growth.  The appearance of an
emerse-grown plant is not very helpful in determining if it can also be
grown submersed, just as the appearance of a worm doesn't give much
indication that it can turn into a butterfly.

I am now looking at some of those pictures of lushly planted Dutch
aquariums and seeing that the crypts were grown ermersed and stuck in there
and havn't had any time to grow before the picture was taken.  How many of
those beautifully manacured and arranged aquaria were planted shortly
before the picture was taken?  Amano's tanks, on the other hand look like
the plants have really been growing there, underwater, for quite some time
before the picture was taken.  They do look, however, like they have been
carefully trimmed and arranged.

Paul Krombholz, in chilly central Mississippi where the warm front came
early and we didn't break a low temeperature record.