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Re: Ghost/Glass/Grass Shrimp

Andrew wrote:
 Which reminds me: Merrill mentioned
that I should try Grass Shrimp, since they are cheap and good algae
eaters.  I'm not sure which shrimp this refers to.  I've seen Ghost Shrimp
called Glass/Grass and Ghost Shrimp.  I've also seen around here a
decidedly different shrimp being sold as a "Grass Shrimp".  It cost a few
$$ (don't remember the exact figure), and supposedly would eat algae.  I
never got around to purchasing any, so I can't comment on its algae-eating
capabilities.  It was a fair bit larger than a "Ghost" shrimp, and looked
"different".  (Going from memory, I don't remember in what ways, but I
looked pretty closely at it at the time, and remember it was enough
different for me to be fairly certain it is not the same species). I was
told that it didn't eat "Black Brush" algae, though, and I have never seen
my Ghost shrimp eat this type of algae either.  This Yamato shrimp
supposedly does, though.... We'll see ;-).

I don't know where you live, but the Grass or Glass Shrimp I'm referring to
are one inch to one and one quarter inches long and very clear in body. 
They eat algae but not the "red" or "Black Brush" algae that SAE's are so
good at eating.  Give it a try.