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Re: Emersed Plants

>It's often repeated on Usenet that certain kinds of aquatic plants 
>are actually grown emersed and then sold in aquarium stores. This has 
>the ring of another Internet-legend to me. Does anyone know this for 
>a fact?

It's hard for some to believe, but there WAS life before the Internet.  Most
commercial suppliers of aquarium plants have been growing the plants in the
emersed form for years and years.  There are several reasons, not the least of
which is that it eliminates the need for algae control.   Since most of the
plants that we grow in aquariums are not "true" aquatic plants anyway, the
plants generally grow better in the emersed state -- especially when grown in
mass such as a commercial operation.  But, as you say, the plants once in the
store and placed in a submerged state then have to re-grow new leaves -- the
plants probably think the spring rains have come at an odd time -- which is
why plants usually look so crappy in stores.

Dean Sliger
Deansliger at aol_com