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Re: plants grown emersed

Yes, I'm very aware that many aquatic plants are able to grow emersed
but I'm surprised to find that its a common practice of commercial
aquatic plant growers.

If I understand the physiology of aquatic plant leaves, the leaf forms
which grow out of water are not very well adapted for growing under
water. Is this not true? 

I prefer to get plants grown under water because then I know that the
plant I buy is going to be indicative of how it looks after a few months
under water. I also know that a specimen grown under water is going to
be able to thrive right away from day one and not go through a setback
period while it has to grow new underwater leaves in order to obtain
nutrients required for new growth.

There are some emerse grown plants like Alternanthera which do not adapt
well to submerged growth if grown emersed. I know this plant is commonly
sold in aquarium stores that way and its not very good. I suspect the
same is true for other aquatics grown emersed. I can understand the
advantages for the cultivator; higher nutrient levels and faster growth
rates can be sustained. No worries from algae. No need for CO2
fertilization. But what is the impact on the purchaser of these emersed
grown plants??? Perhaps we ought to be lobbying our supplies to stop
this practice?? Or am I all wet here? ;-)