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Re: plants grown emersed

> Stephen Pushak asked:
> It's often repeated on Usenet that certain kinds of aquatic plants are
> actually grown emersed and then sold in aquarium stores. This has the
> ring of another Internet-legend to me. Does anyone know this for a
> fact?

Steve, to convince yourself, try to locate a copy of a spiral bound book
entitled Oriental Aquarium, published by Oriental Aquarium Pte Ltd in
Singapore. It is essentially a pictorial catalog of aquarium plants
available from the company. It also provides short growing guides for
each of the plants. In the book are several pictures of their farm
operation and you can clearly see that many are grown emersed. Examples
of those shown grown emersed include: Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia,
Echinodorus bleheri, E. muricauts, Gymnocoronis spilanthoides,
Lagenandra ovata, Nomaphila siamensis. In fact, one of the pictorial
guides in the form of a drawing shows which species are suitable for
terrarium/paludarium. One of your local petshop owners may have a copy
if he orders/stocks plants.

Shiao Y. Wang
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Southern Mississippi