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Algea and snail

My 60G with 120 Watts of light about 10 hr. a day has a bad green algae
problem. This is a new moderately planted tank, all plants are small. The
algae is  starting to grow on the sand now and or course green dots on the
glass. I have read the archives and still have a couple of questions.

I am wondering if some Ramshorns or Apple snails would clean the sand and/or
glass? In the Archives I read where someone implied the Ramshorns might do
something to the trumpet snails? Is that so? I just added a handful of
trumpet snails. LFS store gave them to me. They are all in his discus tank
and glad to get rid of some. What about pond snails? I am ridding them out
of the other tanks as soon as I see them.

Also picked up some water sprite and hoping that this will help with the
algae too. Any other suggestions?

Jeff <*\\><
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