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nutrient deficiency observation

I guess the subject says it all:
Until recently, I added DuplaPlant 24 drops plus KNO3 plus Jobe Plant
sticks to my 2.5 year old, heavily planted tank. Then within one week, my
large Echinodorus sp. produced reticulated new leaves (that means leaves
with a net-like structure, similar to a lace plant). Going back to the
Krib, I found that the plant suffered from Mn deficiency and immediately
stopped the Dupla24 drops in favour of the PMDD drops. I knew I was not
following the Dupla method 100% (i.e. no tablets), so I expected something
to happen sooner or later.
After adding PMDD, the deficiency disappeared immediately - all new leaves
since are complete.
As a point of interest, no other plants showed the deficiency at all or
this clearly.

Michael Eckardt
"When an inner situation is not made concious, it appears outside as fate."
C.G. Jung