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Re: Emerse grown aquarium plants: Internet legend?

     >It's often repeated on Usenet that certain kinds of aquatic plants 
     >are actually grown emersed and then sold in aquarium stores. This has 
     >the ring of another Internet-legend to me. Does anyone know this for 
     >a fact?
     I've grown E. tenellus both submersed in my aquarium, and emersed in 
     my backyard pond (I took some out of my aquarium and planted them out 
     back).  The submersed form has long (3-4") thin leaves, while the 
     emersed form has shorter (1-2"), broader leaves, and blooms profusely. 
     Mine blooms from about April-October.  The submersed form has never 
     bloomed for me.
     I noticed E. tenellus for sale at my LFS.  They were definitely 
     emersed-grown, as they had the same leaf shape as mine, and some had 
     These plants had the earmarks of large-scale propogation (i.e., potted 
     in rockwool, with a colored tag listing growing information and a 
     picture of the plant).  Pricey, too--$3.50.