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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #135

Steve Pushak wrote:

> Sword plants are so very easy to grow under good conditions that I 
> would be surprised if they are cultured emersed. Has anybody seen it 
> done?

Haven't seen it, but here's an excerpt from Apollo Aquariums in
Singapore: (http://www.netv.com.sg/apollo)

  "Let's look at the Amazon swords. They are initially grown
  with the leaves above the water level in aquatic planter
  boxes. When the Amazon swords reach a certain size, we
  pump more water into the boxes until the plants are totally

It makes sense, because if you have a large planter box filled
with swords, you are definitely going to run up against the CO2
diffusion rate into the water.  Growing them emersed will give
you much faster growth in this case.

David Ozenne
Berkeley, CA