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Re: C. Japonica

I have about 50 of these shrimp in my tank. I believe Amano calls them "Bee
shrimp". So far, left alone, they have successfully bred in both my tanks.
Generally, I think they consume small algae and are scavengers as well.

The other type of shrimp used by Amano is the 'Yamato shrimp'. I have about
5 large specimens of this type and they are more costly than the Bee shrimp
here in Singapore (6 times the price. A Bee shrimp retails for about 25
Singapore cents while the yamato costs S$1.50). The Yamato shrimp is good
for eating green filamentous hair algae, the type Dupla says indicate
optimum conditions for plants. However, no one has bred them here before,
although a friend and fellow plant enthusiast, Kwek Leong, has got
specimens full of roe.

Besides these two types of shrimp, we also have the Taiwanese black shelled
shrimp and another type of Malaysian shrimp with a light brown stripe along
its back. They cost the same as the bee shrimp. I have these in my tank too
and they seem to do the same job as the bee shrimp.

>From: "A. Inniss" <andrewi at u_washington.edu>
>Subject: Caridina japonica/quartz binds Fe?
>	I have access to what I believe are the same shrimp we see in
>Amano's photographs (C. japonica, if I remember right).  I'm wondering
>whether anyone on the list has kept them, and what recommendations they
>might have.  I would be particularly interested in any breeding info.
>They're not cheap, running about $4.50, but if these are the right shrimp,
>and they are as good at eating algae as is said, then I'd be willing to
>shell out the $$$.

Calvin Chin