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Caridina japonica/quartz binds Fe?

	I have access to what I believe are the same shrimp we see in
Amano's photographs (C. japonica, if I remember right).  I'm wondering
whether anyone on the list has kept them, and what recommendations they
might have.  I would be particularly interested in any breeding info.
They're not cheap, running about $4.50, but if these are the right shrimp,
and they are as good at eating algae as is said, then I'd be willing to
shell out the $$$.


	On a different note, all this talk about substrates has reminded
me to ask a question that's been bothering me for a while:  A long while
back, I remember skimming through the Baensch Marine Atlas I, and
somewhere in it, they have a chart on suitable versus unsuitable
substrates.  They list quartz as unsuitable, because it binds iron. I'm
wondering what our resident chemists have to say about this claim.  It
would seem relevant to choosing our substrates.
	Yet another question:  has anyone tried Sera's FloraDepot?  I've
run a couple tests on it, and it does contain some iron, and peat.  It did
not register on a KH kit.  I haven't tested for phosphate or nitrogen
compounds, or run a GH test.  A customer got ahold of some somewhere, and
has set up a large (75gal?) tank with it, and so far (~3months) has been
getting excellent results, though his Fe levels have been high.  I plan
to run some semi-scientific experiments with it to see what kind of
results I get, but I thought I'd field some opinions too.
	On another note, I thought I'd brag a little- my Cory sterbai fry
are still alive!-and whine a little - one of my G. daemon (a stunning
looking eartheater) died today for no apparent reason:-(.