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Re: photos of nutrient deficiency symptoms

Matthew Paul Rhoten wrote, Friday, March 6:
>.....I'm still clueless enough about the nutrient balance in my tanks that I'm
>not qualified yet to contribute pictures to this effort. Once I figure out
>which nutrients I'm running out of, I'd be happy to give photos to anyone
>who wanted them.

The best way to find out what nutrient is causing the deficiency is to get
the plants to recover by adding the scarce nutrient.  For example, you can
prove that you have calcium deficiency if the plants recover and start
growing when you add calcium to the water.  To do this kind of
investigation, you have to have the nutrients singly in separate solutions.
For example, have calcium chloride, not calcium nitrate.  Have potassium
chloride, not potassium nitrate or potassium sulfate.  That way you can add
the nutrients one at a time and be sure which one is causing the recovery
of the plants.  If you want to check for sulfur deficiency, use sodium

Paul Krombholz, in chilly central Mississippi where we are expecting to
break low temperature records the next three nights.