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Re: Reptile sand

Bob Dixon wrote, March 9:

>I saw some stuff at a local pet shop today which was labeled as sand for
>desert reptile tanks.  This was a VERY fine grade of sand, almost as fine as
>the dust they call sand in Arabia, certainly finer than playbox or
>construction sand.  Would this stuff be useful in substrate construction?

There are a number of people on the list who are thinking in terms of
'locking up' nutrients in the substrate so that the rooted plants have
access, but not algae in the water.  A very fine sand might be a good
barrier over soil for trying to do that.  Somehow, I think the nutrients.
such as phosphate, are going to get out anyway, mainly because the plant
moves  water from the soil to the water column.  See the article by Ole
Pedersen in the Nov.-Dec., 1997 TAG or on the Tropica web site.

Paul Krombholz, in chilly central Mississippi where we are expecting to
break low temperature records the next three nights.