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Re: PMDD in Calgary

Hey Suns

You can find trace element mixes for sale at the hydroponic shops
in Calgary. Two places come to mind "Bumper crop" and "Quick
Grow". The problem (if I recall) was one place will sell you and
200 year supply for $50 (?) and the other about 100g for 7$. The
right micronutrients were present in the correct proportions.
As soon as my bottle of Kent's runs out I'll try it out.
As to Tropica it's a bit on the expensive side but some prominent
members of this list use it successfully.
You will also have to find KNO3 and K2SO4 if you decide to mix up
your PMDD. You may still need these compounds even if you go with
the Tropica. Depends on your system and growth needs.
Good luck.

Marshall Wilkinson
Calgary Alberta