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Re: zebra mussels

Don Hutton
03/10/98 02:16 PM
I have a cabin on Rice Lake in Ontario Canada which has been infested with
zebra mussels.  Before the zebras arrived the lake was quite green by mid
summer.  Apparently the lake had more fish per acre than any other lake in
Ontario and there was heavy aquatic plant growth.  When I returned last
summer after the mussels had been there for a couple of years the lake was
crystal clear.  Large clumps of green hair algae were forming everywhere,
presumably due to the increased light levels and the lack of other algae
types to consume nutrients.  The density of aquatic plants had decreased
significantly.  It has been suggested that the fish population will
decrease due to the loss of plants and food.  All this over the course of
three summers.

 I agree with Mark, these thing should not be transported or cultivated.
The potential to upset an ecosystem is enormous.