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Fertilizer Rants

> From: "Arisetty, Hari K (Hari)** CTR **" <harisetty at lucent_com>

> 	Is there a good aquarium fertilizer
> primer/FAQ/collection_of_rants somewhere on the net?  pointers would be
> appreciated. 

Some of the latter, at least, can be found under


Unfortunately, since I'm not really a fertilizer guru, most of the material
there is just that, rants. :) 

There is also Steve Pushak's page (which I'm sure he's plugged by now), linked
off this one.  And George Booth's, linked in there somewhere.

  - Erik
  in rainy seattle, where I just scored an Anubias barteri "varigated"! 

Erik Olson				
eriko at wrq.com