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Aqualine Buschke Regulator Gauge

Dear Louis Lin,

I have been informed by representatives at That Fish Place (1-888-thatpet), that the Aqualine Buschke regulator requires a special fitting to work in the United States.  Apparently, Red Sea is now handling the Aqualine regulators and they are now offering an adapter to correct this problem.  Otherwise, I have heard that the construction and material of the regulator is of high quality.  Before you buy it, make certain that it includes the adapter.

I have used the Aqualine Buschke reactor that comes with the CO2 kit.    I find it too large and cumbersome.  It requires a powerhead to operate, and tends to leak too much CO2.  Using a canister filter or a better reactor is recommended.  ADA makes a wonderful CO2 diffuser.  It is available from That Fish Place, and from Monlith Marine @ http://www.marine-monsters.com.

Hatef Yamini